8 Ways My Experience Can Enhance Your Message

8 Reasons

With decades of experience as a professional writer, designer, trainer, and user advocate, I can help you meet your business goals through compelling, effective, and efficient written communications.

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from my many years as a professional communicator.

[1] Your information will be communicated clearly and concisely

I see the forest and the trees. My extensive background in technical writing enables me to quickly grasp the big picture of your situation, while at the same time, diving deep into the details to tease out the critical message you want to impart.

My creative, expansive right brain and logical, analytical left brain love to work in tandem, so you’ll benefit if you need process-oriented, procedural step-by-step, or complex information explained in novel or easy-to-understand ways.

Focus areas: User manuals | Quick reference guides | Job aids | Flow diagrams | Trade articles

[2] Your ideal audience is foremost

Throughout my career, I’ve learned and employed usability and user experience concepts and best practices in all my written communications and designs.

This means I always see things from the user’s perspective and you can be assured your message and materials will be perfectly tailored to your target audience’s needs.

Focus areas: All

[3] Your communications will be effectively structured 

Form follows function. This principle is associated with architecture and industrial design and asserts that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.

Guess what? So should information architecture conform to its intended use.

My years of structuring information for an intended audience means I can build your case and structure your message in a logical, creative way so they hit their mark—whether you want to sell, persuade, inform, educate, or entertain.

Focus areas: All | Case studies | White papers | Brochures | Direct mail | Sales letters & landing pages | Surveys & Questionnaires

[4] Your online copy will be tailored for the medium

As a web designer and online help author for many years, writing for a virtual page is second nature to me. This means your web copy will be clear, concise, readable, and engaging.

I also bring an understanding of “backend” issues like search engine optimization (SEO), cascading style sheets (CSS), and coding for dynamic interaction, which help your site get found, look great, and respond intuitively.

Focus areas: Web pages | Sales landing pages | Online help screens | Blog posts | WordPress websites

[5] Your message will not only read good, it will look good

As much as I love working with words, I’m also very visually oriented, so I use my career-long experience in graphic design concepts to inform my work.

You benefit from this value-added service by having fundamental design and layout concepts applied to your visually-focused materials to make them more engaging—employing color, typeface, balance, contrast, and the like.

Focus areas: Logos/logotypes | Web banners & buttons | Flyers & posters | Advertisements | Photo manipulation | Document layout | Book covers | Signage

[6] Your copy can benefit by having an engaging storyline

Writing a personal blog since April 2011 (Lifelines-Honoring the Human-Animal Connection) has allowed me to build my story-telling skills.

There’s nothing better than telling a story to get people engaged in your message.

Focus areas: Blog posts | Case studies | Collateral marketing materials | Bios

[7] Your message will have flare

Crafting creative catch-phrases is kinda my wheelhouse. As a lifelong poet, I developed my love of wordplay early on.

If a creative turn of phrase is what you need to draw your audience in—a slogan, tagline, headline—I can help with that.

Focus areas: Slogans & taglines | Headlines | Flyers & posters | Collateral marketing materials | Verse

[8] Large or small, I understand your business environment

If you’re a small-business owner or entrepreneur, then we both need persuasive writing to help get the word out about who we are and what we have to offer.

Since striking out on my own in 2011, I have started a successful hand-made jewelry business (Heart of One Creations), an intuitive advisor practice (The Divine Oracle), and a freelance commercial writing business (you are here X).

I have created all collateral marketing materials and online presences for all my business ventures.

If you work for a larger company or corporation, I, too, understand that business environment.

Having spent my entire 30-year IT career working in a corporate environment, I understand the diverse communications needs of big business.

Focus areas: Web pages | Logos/logotypes | Banners & buttons | Blogs | Collateral marketing materials (brochures, business cards, bios, press releases, sales letters) | Case studies | White papers | Newsletters | e-books | WordPress website set-up | Etsy shop set-up | Product descriptions

“As a writer and designer, Linda has a keen eye and a quick wit, both of which serve her well in developing communication tools that speak clearly and effectively to the intended audience. As a person, Linda is incredibly organized, creative, and just a blast to work with, due to her inquisitive mind and great sense of humor.” ~ Megan Righter, Leader-GBS Watch Global Communications at The Nielsen Company

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