Colophon: About This Site

Miss Communication

Colophon:  (historical) A printer’s or publisher’s identifying inscription or logo appearing at the end of a book or on the spine or dust-jacket. It generally contains factual information about the book, especially about its production, and includes details about typographic style, the fonts used, paper used, and perhaps the binding method of the book.

(modern) A page on a website identifying the details of its creation, such as the author’s name and the technologies used.

You may have noticed this site’s “whimsical” look & feel (perhaps a stronger adjective comes to mind)…

…that it doesn’t look like all the new/refurbished websites out there today:

Gone are the long vertical sidebar menus and long, narrow horizontal banners glued to the top of the frame; no more garishly-colored backgrounds with pages nested many layers deep.

Nope, today’s website aesthetic is a bright, clean, horizontal look.

Contemporary websites have “flat” architecture and “responsive” layouts (to accommodate all viewing screens).

They consist primarily of full-frame photographs, often depicting hip, young creatives and business people laughing and doing their hip, creative collaborating in “loft-y” urban settings.

Today’s websites have tons of whitespace, with each sentence occupying a line by itself, so you can “grok” its full impact.

Below a line of text or large photograph (perhaps with a cool “parallax effect”), you often find an array of simple line-drawn icons—usually three in a row—perhaps in a gray tone that matches the sans-serif font color.

Take this format and repeat…all the way down the page. Add some unobtrusive navigational method to jump down sections and you’ve got the modern-day, ubiquitous flat website structure.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it!

So, back to this site’s look & feel:

Vector illustrations instead of full-width real-life photos. A cartoon girl with pencil and notebook sitting on a typewriter. Courier “typewriter” font for headings. And lined paper—in white and legal-pad yellow—as the backdrop.

Old school, right?

What gives?

I didn’t set out to go against the “on-trend” grain of today’s websites; actually, I wanted to create that look for my site. But when I found “Miss Communication” (typewriter girl’s “pen name,” natch) while looking for branding imagery…well, the site took on a life force of her own!

And though it doesn’t look like all the other (newer) sites out there, I’m okay with that. Actually, I’m glad it doesn’t blend in with look like all the rest.

It’s a little bit retro…and so am I.

It’s a little bit light-hearted and cheeky…and so am I.

It’s a little bit non-conformist, iconoclastic, and anti-status quo…and so am I.

It represents me and my unique voice…what I bring to the party.

And in case you’re wondering, if you work with me, I will discover exactly what you and your message want to communicate and how…and I will deliver work that reflects your style and preferences.

Thanks for stopping by!