Writing Service Terms

Lets Get StartedWriting services are typically billed by the overall project, but in some cases may have alternative bill rate structures, such as by the word, page, or hour. Please contact me for a specific project quote or general project-fee ranges.

Other types of services, such as training or consulting, are priced by the hour.

Please note the following additional terms:

  • A deposit of one half (1/2) the total project cost is required up-front for new clients and for any writing jobs over $1000.
  • All fees quoted include two rounds of revisions (total of three versions: first draft, second draft, final). Additional revisions will be charged at an hourly rate.
  • An additional “rush fee” will be assessed at 25% of total project cost for jobs with deadlines of 48 hours or less, and 50% for jobs with deadlines of 24 hours or less.
  • A “kill fee” will be assessed if a project is terminated by the client during the writing stage, at an hourly rate of full payment of all hours invested up to that point.
  • If a project is terminated by the client for any reason after completion of the writing service, writer is entitled to full payment of agreed-upon fee.