Other Creative Services


  • Need a simple, yet elegant “turnkey” WordPress website for your small business?
  • Have some simple graphic design or layout needs?
  • Want a professional evaluation of your website’s usability and user experience?
  • In the market for a fun, clever creative concepting partner?

If so, you’re in the right place!

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Other Non-Writing Creative Services:

  • Creative concepting (i.e. brainstorming) partner
  • Editing/reviewing/proofreading
  • Information architecture (structure of websites, documents, reports, etc.)
  • Light graphic design and layout
    • logos
    • web banners
    • business cards
    • brochures
    • flyers
  • Process/procedure flow diagrams
  • User experience/usability reviews and evaluations (of websites, Etsy shops, documents, reports, etc.)
  • WordPress blog/website set-up (“turnkey” with free or premium themes/plug-ins)
  • Etsy shop set-up
  • Training (for most of these services, plus PowerPoint, graphic design concepts)

These services may be billed by the project or by the hour. Please see my Writing Service Terms for more information.