Professional Portfolio

“I quickly learned that Linda is a leader who is very positive, organized, and focused. She pays close attention to detail, is full of ideas, has a wealth of knowledge, and is really fun to work with.” ~ Mary Purcell, Information Designer

01-White Paper: Pharmaceutical Engineering (2016)

This white paper was ghost written for the owner/principal engineer of DME, a pharmaceutical engineering consulting firm. It would first be presented at the Interphex 2016 conference and then made available from their website. My main source materials were Excel

1-Trade Article: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (2015)

This article is from a series I did for ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) for their online trade periodicals. This was my first foray into the complex subject domain of pharmaceutical engineering and was quite challenging. Drawing from source

11-Web Pages: Heart of One Creations (2015)

Mid-2015, I decided it was time to practice what I preach and apply my web design know-how to get my own “house in order.” When I started my jewelry design business mid-2012, I put up a basic WordPress website. There

12-Blog Post: Lifelines (2015)

This is a post from my personal blog in 2015, Lifelines—Honoring the Human-Animal Connection. I started the free WordPress blog in April 2011 when I was exploring a career in animal welfare/humane education. Through this medium, I have an outlet

2-Sales Landing Pages: Herbalwise (2012)

These examples show the before and after renditions of a couple of sales landing pages I worked on in 2012. The Herbalwise website was a WordPress site to which I was given admin access, so I made the changes in

21-PowerPoint Slides: Wild Horses (2011)

This was a pro bono project I did as a volunteer through CreativePAWS in 2011 to redo a PowerPoint slide presentation for an organization dedicated to the plight of wild horses. The first thing I did to the presentation was

22-Flyers: Humane Society (2011)

Back in 2011, I tested the waters of a career in animal welfare/humane education. As part of this research, I attended the Humane Society of the United States’ 4-day Animal Care Expo in Orlando, FL. They were running a contest

3-Workflow Diagram: Star Trek (2008)

As part of large, cross-functional team implementing an enterprise-wide portfolio management system in 2008, I was responsible for the outward-facing communications to the enterprise users and stakeholders. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find tracking programs, projects, and resources

31-Newsletter: Dashboard Views (2007)

            Here are two pages from the inaugural issue of a newsletter I created to inform IT colleagues of the progress of an enterprise-wide roll-out of a portfolio management system in 2007. Since there was

32-Quick Reference Guide: Usability for Dummies (2006)

I conceived and created this quick reference job aid while I was co-leading the usability/user experience (UX) center of excellence initiative at Nielsen Media Research ca. 2006. Like most projects I was involved in, I had to make it fun,

4-Corporate Web Pages: Nielsen Media (1998-2005)

During my tenure at Nielsen Media Research, I created and maintained numerous intranet sites for the IT organization. This document provides some background descriptions for most of the sites I authored in the years 1998 – 2005. I designed, built,